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September 30, 2007

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帶病通山跑救校 14年

自稱山狗 奔走貧困區



吃幾家茶禮 杜絕歪風

  CRRS-USA Yunnan

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Guangxi 2002

Bethia's Jinxiu Report

July, 2002





Fairchild Cable TV Network

大城 小聚 節目




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Dr. Melvin Wong's Featured Fairchild TV Programs

Chinese Women & Culture of Pain


Homosexuality 同性戀 Issues

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   Yunnan '07 pictures, blogs & articles

Malipo  麻粟坡

Jinping 金平


Yunnan '06 pictures: Malipo, Jinping  麻粟坡  金平



Yunnan Malipo Visits  (2005)麻粟坡

萬里情繫麻粟坡 (賴愛貞 作)

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Local Chinese News  OCEF   OYCF  Hillary ("Lao Leifeng")


November, 2002. Guangxi Visit to Ziyuang & Jinxiu

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July 13-15, 2001


Western Morality and Educational Development: A Future View
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Culture Regeneration Research Society (CRRS)

Professor Dennis McCann

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